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Principales publications :

1. Collado V, Hennequin M, Faulks D, Mazille MN, Nicolas E, Koscielny S, Onody P. Behavioural modification after repeat conscious sedation with a 50% N2O/O2 premix over sequential visits: a three year prospective study. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 2006, 26: 474-481.(IF : 4,371)
2. Onody P, Gil P, Hennequin M. Safety of a 50% nitrous oxide–oxygen premix: a 4-year prospective survey with 35,828 data sheets. Drugs Safety 2006, 29 (7): 633-640. (IF : 3,537)
3. Foster K, Woda A, Peyron MA. Effects of texture on masticatory parameters during chewing of plastic and elastic model foods. Journal of Neurophysiology 2006, 95: 3469-3479.(IF : 3,648)
4. Woda A, Foster K, Mishellany A, Peyron MA. Adaptation of healthy mastication to factors pertaining to the individual or to the food. Physiology & Behavior 2006, 89: 28-35. (IF : 2,806)
5. Collado V, Nicolas E, Faulks D, Hennequin M. A review on safety of 50% nitrous oxide/oxygen in conscious sedation. Expert Opinion in Drug Safety 2007 Sep;6(5):559-71. (IF : 3,073)
6. Hennequin M, Moysan V, Jourdan D, Dorin M, Nicolas E. Inequalities in oral health for children with disabilities: a French national survey in special schools. PloS ONE, 2008 3(6): e2564. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0002564. (IF : 4,351 )
7. Mazille MN, Woda A, Nicolas E, Peyron MA, Hennequin M. Effect of occlusal appliance wear on chewing in persons with Down syndrome. Physiol Behav, 93 : 919-929, 2008. (IF : 2,806)
8. Veyrune JL, Miller CC, Czernichow S, Ciangura CA, Nicolas E, Hennequin M. Impact of morbid obesity on chewing ability. Obes Surg 2008, Mar 26; [Epub ahead of print]. (IF : 2,913)
9. Tubert-Jeannin S, Tramini P, Gerbaud L, Amsallem E, Schulte A, Auclair C, Ismail A. Fluoride supplements (tablets, drops, lozenges or chewing gums) for preventing dental caries in children (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2009, Issue 1. Art. No.: CD007592 (IF : 5,182)
10. Georgelin-Gurgel M, Diemer F, Nicolas E, Hennequin M. Surgical and non-surgical endodontic treatment-induced stress. J Endodont 2009, 35: 19-22. (IF : 2,727)
11. Mishellany A, Renaud J, Peyron MA, Rimek F, Woda A. Is the goal of mastication reached in young dentates, aged dentates and aged denture wearers? Br J Nutri. 99:121-128,2008. (IF : 2,764)
12. Doméjean S, Zhan L, Denbesten PK, Stamper J, Boyce WT, Featherstone JD. Horizontal Transmission of Mutans Streptococci in Children. J Dent Res. 2010;89:51-5.(IF : 3,142)
13. Grémeau-Richard C, Dubray C, Aublet-Cuvelier ., Ughetto S, Woda A. Effect of lingual nerve block on burning mouth syndrome (stomatodynia). A randomized crossover trial. Pain 149:27-32, 2010.(IF : 6,03)
14. Woda A, Nicolas E, Mishellany-Dutour A, Hennequin M, Mazille MN, Veyrune JL, Peyron MA. A new indicator of abnormal masticatory function: the MNI. J Dent Res 89:281-285, 2010. (IF :3,142)
15. Woda A, Mishellany-Dutour A, Batier L, François O, Meunier JP, Reynaud B, Alric M, Peyron MA. Development and validation of a mastication simulator. Journal of Biomech (in Press). (IF :2,784)


  • 7 HDR (nombre moyen d’articles 11,5 ± 1,7 articles)
  • 9 thèses (nombre moyen d’articles 6,3± 3,2 articles)
  • 11 stagiaires de M2R
  • 19 stagiaires de M1


  • 40 invitations pour des conférences internationales
  • 33 invitations pour des conférences nationales
  • 2 Présidences de congrès internationaux
  • 13 participations à des instances nationales et internationales
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